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Saunas have been enjoyed for centuries by people throughout the world. Medical research indicates that regular sauna bathing can provide the following health benefits

A steam room is a sure way to feel relaxed, refreshed an invigorated. Amerec’s high glaze acrylic steam rooms are pre-fabricated and easy-to-install. Our steam rooms come in a variety of sizes and can comfortably fit from two to eleven people.

Galaxy Supreme Air Blower Infrared Sauna Rooms
Infrared heat therapy room provides soothing heat, directly radiated to the body, with very little time waiting for preheating.
The amount and positioning of the heat sources is specially harmonized to the particular Infrared room’s design and size.
The heat radiates in a wide angle from each heater so the heat is spread evenly within the cabin space.
Steam Generator Steam Generator
Minimal temperature variations and an even flow of steam are the two most important traits of the perfect steam bath...
Sauna Heaters Sauna Heaters
Amerec heaters are the heart and soul of our saunas. All Amerec models are made of rust resistant materials (stainless steel body and stainless steel heating elements are standard), are UL listed, and feature a large rock capacity with rocks in direct contact with the heating elements. This direct contact ensures soft heat and pleasant steam.
Sauna Heaters Controls Sauna Heater Controls
State of the art controls that are designed to make your sauna experience a very pleasant one. These top-of-the-line sauna controls are the perfect component for your sauna room
Sauna Doors Sauna Doors
All doors include handles, casing, jamb, and threshold. Hardware on wood doors to include two 4" self closing hinges and one standard hinge (no catches). Handicap accessible commercial sauna doors available.

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