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Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals

Everything you need, in spa chemicals, to keep your spa water crystal clear and inviting and your spa looking like new! Shop from our complete line of high quality chemicals at great prices.

The Blue Wave® line-up of spa chemicals includes only the highest quality products. Manufactured using only the purest ingredients, Blue Wave® gives you the most bang for your buck! Unlike cheap look-alikes, Blue Wave® spa chemicals will not stain your Spa, cause clouding water, or excessive foaming.

Spa Care Kit

Leisure Time® Spa Care Kit
Everything You Need for Easy Spa and Hot Tub Care...
SEA-KLEAR Spa Care Kit Enjoy Your Spa or Hot Tub... You Deserve It!


Spa Sanitizers

Spa Sanitizers
Everything you need to keep your spa water crystal clear and inviting and your spa looking like new!

Spa Water Balancer

Spa Water Balancers
Properly balanced pool water is the most important step in caring for your pool! Water balancers make it easy!

Spa Specialty Chemicals

Spa Specialty Chemicals
From Clarifiers to Filter Cleaners... all the specialty chemicals you need for perfect pools


Test Strips

Test Strips
Designed with the pool and spa owner in mind, Pool Check™ test strips offer quick, reliable results in a single dip. Economically priced.

Our collection of spa sanitizers, water balancers and specialty spa chemicals will ensure you get the best out of your spa and hot tub.

Balance your water and keep it crystal clear while pampering yourself.


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